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Get Started with GeoInquiries

How about an easy-to-use, meaningful, map-based, computer/tablet activity to supplement your lesson? How about a whole collection of these resources on many topics?  All that’s needed is a computer or tablet with an internet connection.  These activities are designed to be used by one teacher with one computer and a projector, or an entire classroom […]

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New Year Resolutions

2020 Resolutions Spend more time doing the things I love! 1. Enroll in a MOOC 2. Create a Story Map 3. Visit somewhere new and make a map!

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Celebrate Geo Awareness Week with Story Map Lessons & Activities!

ArcGIS Online Story Maps are a wonderful way to engage students in geospatial explorations. There are thousands of Story Maps in ArcGIS Online. The following collections include some of the best: Maps We Love Prize Winning Story Maps Story Map Gallery, Curated by Esri: Story Map Gallery (classic view) What makes a great […]

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