Educators, let us help you teach GIS

Illinois teachers,

The Geographic Society of Chicago is pleased to offer a free, three-day (9 a.m. - 3 p.m.) hands-on workshop to educators that will engage them in learning the basic skills for incorporating geographic information systems (GIS) into their curriculum. This will be a virtual course from June 20th through June 22nd. See the flyer below for details or click here for a printable pdf flyer.

Click on the image above for a printable flyer

Workshop or Online/ Webinar Classes Available

Discover how to include ArcGIS Online into your curriculum. Workshop or webinar classes are available for individuals, groups, teachers and/ or students; designed to meet your needs and curriculum.


Judy Bock

Geography & GIS Education Consultant

Jenni Dahl

GIS Education Consultant

Below are presentation resources and information