Preparing Future Ready Students at the IETC!

So looking forward to the annual gathering of our wonderful Illinois educators at the IETC! This year Judy and I will be presenting on Geoinquiries: Click here for presentation resources:
Below is break out session description:

GeoInquiries are easy-to-use instructional resources combining traditional social studies topics with interactive maps. Each of the 45 GeoInquiries has been developed & field-tested by educators. These 15-minute activities may be presented from a single computer/projector. No installation, fees, or logins are necessary. At the workshop you will explore GeoInquiry collections & will see how to integrate them into your lessons. Please bring a device (laptop, chromebook, iPad etc.) and your textbook to this hands-on workshop.screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-11-51-06-pm